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Featuring food grilled Japanese
teppanyaki-style by chefs in front of diners, Soho Hibachi has opened at 134 W.

Front St. in downtown Port Angeles

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The brick-walled restaurant, formerly known as
Soho Asian Bistro before it was remodeled, is divided between teppanyaki areas
and tables and booths for other Asian dishes. There is also a full-service bar.


Teppanyaki is as much about show
as it is about food. Knife-wielding chefs perform tricks — such as flying
shrimp and onion volcanoes  — as they
work large grills in the center of communal dining tables.


Soho Hibachi is open Monday
through Friday from 11 10 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from noon to 10
p.m.; phone 360-504-2682. Reservations are required for teppanyaki dining.  The restaurant is owned by Don Mai.

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