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Week 2 Lab

Steven Crotty

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The business is being run at
home, but for personal and business reasons, we separated the business from the
actual home. However the building is on the same property. This separated
building does how every have multiple floors; so that each type of work has its
own privacy and for security reasons employee’s that do not need access to
certain information example “security clearance”, are prohibited from those
areas. Some of the areas including a receptionist, a place for guest and
customers to sit “waiting room”, offices for all executives, supporting staff
offices/ cubicles, depending on their positions. The size of the building is
2600sqft and has a total of 13 employees including the Owner, CEO, CFO,
Admin’s, accountants, receptionist and the rest is supporting staff. The
company mainly deals with investments and future financial planning.


Primary Users: All officials, care staff and
customers of the firm.

Application: The firm should consider a setup
with dual Wi-Fi Routers or Boosters for each floor. The workplace might want to
use Apple Computers and IPhones to conduct business and to communicate between
employees and clients. With having Wi-Fi through-out the building, will be a
good feature to have to please and entertain the clients while they wait, so
having some policies and security measures put in place, so that they can watch
movies or surf the web, at their convenience. The tech and components that
should be used through-out the building will be computers, phones and televisions.
The system itself should be able to handle up to 45 components at once to
ensure easy access to Email’s and online networking.


System Requirements:

Currently with having 13
employees an AP that can manage 45 clients is more than sensible. But for caution
and to be safe we ask for double “90”equipment and slots, so that we can have
up to 12-18 clients/employees on at the same time. To allow that there is
sufficient coverage in the building I propose that there is a separate WIFI and
internet account, so that nothing is tied to the home and to eliminate the
chance of clients and employees jumping on and using the home account and Wi-Fi.
This will also ensure that the home system is secure from outside sources,
while the business is open. Since the size of the building is over 2000sqft, I
would say that each floor should have its over router or booster, to enhance
the signal throughout. But for stationary systems, there will be hard lines

The types of devices that this
company will be using are Apple products, since they have great customer
service, security and usability. Each employee with have their own stationary
Apple IMac PC, where they will do most of their work along with having their
own Apple IPhone for communication and to conduct business. On each floor,
there will be a 65 inch Television for entertainment while employees are on
breaks/ business and proposals and to entertain the guest/ clients while they
wait. Each Television will be on the Wi-Fi so that it is easier to pull up and
view plans/proposals and movies.

For security every single PC and
printers will use a hard wired Ethernet. Workstations will be on the remote,
yet MAC address isolating will be used to guarantee access to the systems. If a
device has an unapproved MAC address, by then it will be denied access to the
framework. Once the PC/ phone or
other tech is approved through the MAC address, they will require a client
name/ username and a secret/key or password to gain access to the system. One
of the Admins will be in charge of every persons access and keys and if lost
will have to go through them to change or alter their account for access. Furthermore for security reasons, each
employee will require to change all their passwords/phrases every 90 days. Also
the Wi-Fi password will be changed every 60 days, so that outside sources can’t
use the service after hours or off the premises.

The budget for this company is
really up in the area, starting out they had a few investors that got them up
and running and could sustain the company for no more than two years. After
that, new clients will have to eat up the cost of the investor and provided
enough to pay back each investor each month. Startup cost was 1.2 million

Policy Statement:

and the safety of all employees and clients is our top priority. We understand
that communication and teamwork are the two biggest values that every client
wishes a company has and every day we strive to beat their expectation and
provide the best service possible at Crotty Financial LLC. With having internet
“Wi-Fi and hard lines” that accesses the outside world, we ensure that your
privacy and ours is completely secret and stored safety offline. We also have
security policy to make sure that no user or system has access to removing
personal data from that system. If any situation does happen and information is
taken or leaked there will be an extremely thorough investigation to find out
what happened and how to fix it from happening again. If someone is at fault,
there will be swift and legal punishments that will result in termination of
employment, law suits and even incarceration depending on the situation.

 Wireless Network Security Processes
and Procedures Statement

All clients and
components associated with the Network at Crotty Financial LLC will stick to
the accompanying Policies and Procedures. Any inquiries or concerns ought to be
conveyed straightforwardly to administration for survey.

All clients and
employees are expected to follow the laws of the internets, including what is
legal from the Federal, State and Local laws. This is also including the rules
and laws that Crotty Financial LLC has with clients that are located overseas. These
laws also are to be upheld by the guest and clients and if they are not, they
will be asked to leave and the discretion of Crotty Financial LLC employees.

authorized user and clients may be allowed on the network

All PC
systems have to be up to date with firmware, software and components. All PC’s
have to use Vera-Crypt to ensure their system’s data is secure.

All Mobile
devices must have software “Mobile Security” to allow remote wipes for clearing
data from use of an unauthorized user. This is great if the client or employee
loses their phone. Furthermore each phone needs to have at least a 6 digit
password, phrase or pin. That pin or password needs to be changed every 60
days. Notification needs to be turned off and outside Wi-Fi needs to be turned

All information
stored, used or saved on company components is the property of Crotty Financial LLC.
Financial LLC also reserves the right to observe remote access and
search any component that the company owns.

All PC’s
will have a USB Hack on them, to block and prohibit the use of writing to any
USB drive, Reading will only be allowed. Furthering this we will be using
Office 365 One Drive for cloud base storage throughout the building and to
allow access to data from remote.

No type of
sharing nor is VPN allowed on company property at any point in time.

devices that are to be used in the building or for work have to be authorized
and set up by the Admin to allow access. Any devices that are not authorized
will be placed in a cage, until the individual is leaving the building, at such
time the item will be given back and told not to bring it back.

Financial LLC holds the
rights to press legal charges against anyone that plans to do harm or does harm
on the premises. Anyone that fails to follow the legal laws of Federal, State
and local, will be reported to the authorities for further legal actions.











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